Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Talkin bout a revolution

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Hope you all had a good time and had time to relax and unwind.
Now lets get back to action! As promised - we have events lined up so keep an eye out.
People are talking about a revolution... lets see what we can do.

Solidarity and Love to you all

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Pay your tax so we can get an education!

Along the grapevine I've heard a lot of excitement being directed towards a protest taking place in Bath this weekend.

The flyer I came across earlier today explains why it's taking place and how to take action..

Looks like a good way of informing the public of outrageous tax dodgers like Philip Green, especially during a time of mass spending. Saturday is Pay Day. How will you be spending your wages?

Fight the good fight


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Occupation is over, but the Fight is not!

The BSAD Occupation is officially over, and you will all be happy to know it ended very peacefully.

Unlike the unfortunate events at the demo on Thurs.. which we attended.

With two hours sleep, but with a beautiful patchwork banner and two lovely ponchos we made our way to London, only to be kettled by the police. However, although we got forced into Parliament Square we did manage to get out and ended up at the peaceful protest over at Embankment. It is sad that none of the media have covered this protest, even more sad is the fact that many protesters wanted to join us few hundred protesters, but were not allowed. They in fact were blocked in and many were injured.

We would like to send out a message to those watching the news and listening to the radios, that please do not believe everything you hear. Do not get sucked in by the lies and the over-exaggeration. There were many, many students who did not want violence, who did not want to be hit, who did not want to be kettled, who did not want to be there!

Anyone wishing to post their account of Thursday's Demo or send us their photos/footage please get in contact.

Here is a blog post of our account ... And another one.

This is a message of SOLIDARITY to ALL those in the demos, to all those fighting for our rights, to those still in occupation, and to those supporting the cause!

When they say cut back we say FIGHT BACK!

There is more to come, we are already planning what to do next, so stay tuned!

Any uni's wishing to join forces please contact!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Messages of solidarity that have cheered us up tonight! Thank you.

Hi, I'm following you on Facebook.
I'm a teacher at a secondary school in central London, and an active trade-unionist, and I'm completely against any rise in tuition fees - actually I think education up to and including degree level should be free, as it is in Finland.  I wanted to write to offer you my support and to thank you for what you are doing.  By standing up for what we believe in we can make a difference and we can change things.  Whar you are doing is right and honourable and just - keep up the fight!  Solidarity.
Bridget Chapman

Hi guys
I am sorry that I cannot visit with food tonight but I am not feeling too well. Keep your spirits up, you are doing great. The RCA have now joined the occupation movement and the govt seem to be sweating. Just a thought, but why don't you contact all the other art schools and suggest that you issue a joint statement ahead of the vote tomorrow? You could maybe get the Slade to use their London media contacts, evidence of alliance will make for a stronger message. I have been watching you on the webcam and I am really proud of you all. Whatever the outcome you have succeeded in highlighting the issues, and have stuck with it inspite of the general student apathy at the uni.
Be Strong, Be Proud and Stay United

love Tracey xxx

There is a native american law that says nothing should be done without considering how it will affect 7 Generations into the future. What you are doing is not only important for students now, but those in the future as well, and they should all be grateful to you. Politicians, sadly, have no regard for the future but only think of what now, will further their career. So, your being, your actions, and what you have achieved, is very important to us all and I hope this grandmother's gratitude will help raise your spirits and make you realise how special and wonderful you are. Not much longer now. You can do it.
wishing you strength, warmth and a peaceful night's sleep. It really IS worth the discomforts and exhaustion.
Love and thanks
Anna xxx

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